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Extra Mural Activities


The aim of Playball is to introduce young children to constructive and enjoyable sport participation through various age-appropriate programs. All of the programs have a “multi-activity” approach, ensuring a competent foundation in all the popular sports played at school.



From 3 years to Grade R • Programmes for school Readiness • World of animation, sound and colour • Attention is given to 9 different LIFE DEVELOPMENTS: Perception, Memory, Logic, Numerial Skills, Social Development, Creativity, Computer Literacy, Language and Development Skills.


Our creative and engaging approach to movement encourages children to learn and develop in a safe, FUNtastic environment! Monkeynastix is a broad-based, holistic programme that combines creativity and music with basic training in flexibility, balance, strength, agility, co-ordination and body awareness. Your child will love and learn from each energy-packed session.


Rugga Roots is built on the principles of skills & personal development, fun, fitness, balance, happiness, health, confidence, commitment, and creativity. These principles ensure that every time a Rugga Roots participant or graduate steps onto the field they do so confidently and safely.

Invest in your child

If you want your child to get a jump on learning essential motor and coordination skills, and developing core social and teamwork skills then Rugga roots is the answer.


  • To lay the foundation for a lifelong interest in cricket.

  • To give all children, irrespective of ability, an equal opportunity.

  • To provide physical exercise that children can enjoy.

  • To develop self-confidence.

  • To develop ball skills

  • To impart life skills to the children (e.g. discipline)


Jacqueline’s Academy of Dance